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Let's Go See Undyne
Well, time to jump back into Undertale once more!

In case your a bit unsure, this is Monster Kid from the Snowdin/Waterfall parts of the game.  Grant though Monster Kid is mentioned to be male, there were some traces of there being a sister of his so naturally this crab just had to have some jolly fun with that.  Also, get used to the fact this monster doesn't have arms.  How she puts on the sweater, tis the mystery of the universe or an annoying dog, who knows! *gaps*

Also, really enjoyed cooking up the background on this one.  Only wish it didn't cost 5 hours. o_0


Monster Kid / Undertale © Toby Fox
Sexy Sketch - Magical Rikki
A dedication to :iconpurplepeterpan: and his amazing Rikki!  Also, towards this SUPER Belated Birthday sketch more importantly.  Sorry lad! >_<

Took some extra fun throwing a bit of a Magical Girl-esque blend to her as well as re-working some designs with the eyes and somehow making up a pose that would fit an anime figure model, lol.  Do hope its to your liking Purple and cheers once again to your lovely lady here.  Hope you had yourself a wonderful Birthday my friend! ^-^


Rikki © PurplePeterPan
Sexy Sketch - Work That Magic
You should know that the Witch Hazel is a wondrous plant for turning evil Zombies into tiny/cute mushrooms.  Knowing things like this could help save your life/lawn!

Getting down into the Plants vs Zombies universe again and tinkering around with turning plants into curvy females.  Don't misjudge the crab here, those magical hips are to blame. ^o^


Plants Vs Zombies © Pop Caps Games
Sexy Sketch - Cupid Garnet
Happy Valentine's Day to everybody on the DA!  Even if you don't got that special someone, I'm sure Garnet here can help set you up!

This is a bit of a dedication to my wonderful friend :iconfeurdelis: for his incredible gift of sending a book called The Answer.  All based around the same episode on Steven Universe written by Rebecca Sugar.  And although I don't normally say this, but if your a Steven Universe fan you really need to check out this book.  Its beautifully drawn, written and has a nice light feel to it that anybody could pick up and read.  In short, a must have for any fan out there.

Aside from that, some major cheers to Feurdelis again for the good he continues to do.  And since he was so eager to toss something SU towards this crab, seems only fair to throw something back at him in the form of a sexy Cupid-themed Garnet.  Enjoy lad! *grins*


Steven Universe / Garnet © Rebecca Sugar
Sexy Sketch - Let It Grow
Don't worry everybody, we're going to save the Plants Vs Zombies fanbase one picture at a time by turning all the plants they got into bodacious females!  Huzzah!

Please don't ask.  Just wanted to take another shot with Solar Flare from the Plants Vs Zombies universe primarily because its kinda fun to ponder how to play around with different types of anatomy to create an alluring figure.  Know some of you are sick of the plant ladies around here, but for whatever the reason they continue to GROW on me. 

PS - Stay weird everybody *salutes*


Solar Flare / Plants Vs Zombies © PopCap Games
Let's get this party started with the right tune to get the blood pumping. *grins*

Well, well!   Here we all are!!!  

Who would have ever imagined to still be here after such a long time in one place.   To be honest with you, it still catches me by surprise.  Especially the 10 year part. ^O^

But like anybody else on the DA, I had help.  Lots of help.  And lots of friend, lots of fun, lots of laughs and some incredible memories.

Over the years its amazing to step back and look through the gallery to see where it all started.  Where artwork was experimented on, tested, rushed and most importantly where it all kept changing for the better.  And all of it starting from sitting in front of the TV with some printer paper and ole pencil crayons leftover from High School.  Even funnier where I started sharing my work on a place called HentaiPalm Forums.  It was all before DA because I thought the DA was just too big and scary for my early work.  Don't ask, lol.

But one thing that sticks out that differs so much from yesteryear to now is how proud I am of my work.  Seeing  the love, dedication, curiosity put into the artwork and sharing that happiness with others.  Even being able to mail artwork directly to someone or handing it out at a Comic-Con.  Its been quite the journey! ^o^

And last I checked, (roughly) there's been over 485 drawings I've made from September 2006 to September 2016 now.  Whoa! o_0  

Also, I might not get a chance to thank EVERYONE I've met on the DA (we'd be here for another 10 journals, trust me), I'd like to give a personal tip of the hat to Jake-202, Hyday-Shido, Weezlcheez, and GysKing1.  They were my earliest friends and one of the greatest motivators to make me believe in my work.  Even if I did call myself a junk artist to no end (still do, actually).  Friends and people who support you can really make a difference here if you ask me and I'll always stand by that.

With all that said, cheers to everyone here who made their mark on this road of mine through the past 10 years on this one page.  Throughout that time some people have left, forgotten about me, but it important to hold onto the good times you got spend with those few people.  I think that's where it counts most.  It was thanks to them and thanks to people today that kept me motivated, kept me laughing, kept me strong and being inspired to draw something new.  That's pretty incredible if you ask me.  And to perfectly honest with you, I like where I am right now.  In it for the fun, for the hobby and for the hope to meet a new friend.  If that's what I can hope for in the next 10, 20, or 50 years, then let that be my only wish.

And so to the few who read this far (and I know some of you skip all my yammering), a deep and most gracious thank you for being who you are and sticking by this crab for so damn long.  I know I keep say this from time to time (but its true), this place wouldn't be anything without you crazy lot.  A big huzzah to all of us!!!!! *applause and whistle all around*
LATER, (10 year anniversary to my Later, part of my replies/comments too, ha!)

PS - More decals are still on their way.  Ran out of time and there's ALOT I was trying to get done in such a short time. o_0
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Keep Calm And Comment On
A little junk artist trying to learn the ways of the digital media (and just drawing decently in general). An obvious fan of drawing the ladies but rest assure you'll find quite the variety of females to see here.

Love to support/cheering on deviants for their hard work and I think everyone out there deserves the applause (not just the famous ones you know, lol).

Been at the digital media for a few years now and trying my best to learn the ropes like everyone else has. Friendly, kind and a maybe a few other things but don't ever hesitate to say hello, appreciate you coming by here!


Current Residence: Canada (Come And Get Me!)
Favourite genre of music: Anything except country and heavy death metal
Favourite style of art: Work In Progress (Junk Artist)
Operating System: Heart, Lungs, Brain, etc
MP3 player of choice: Winamp/Ipod
Shell of choice: Crab Shell
Wallpaper of choice: Metal Slug/Bioshock
Skin of choice: Bah! All people are equal and kick ass!
Favourite cartoon character: Medic (Team Fortress 2), Tarma (Metal Slug), Jack (Bioshock)
Personal Quote: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.


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KaiMelisaNicromanteX Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
Hello! I'll be watching you and watching your evolution in the drawing! For the next one I dedicate a Laylee! XD me tattletail me love u ! Ribbon [2] 
Timmy22222001 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2017
Whoa, thank you Kai!  Look forward to hearing your feedback on the work I post on my page here!  And cannot wait to see what you got in store for your next Laylee piece!  Just as well, don't go handing over that little Tattletail over to me.  I have seen what those things can do! ^O^

o0RogueKitten0o Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
hello my friend!
Timmy22222001 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hello there Rogue, how the hell you've been doing lately?

elee0228 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
Thanks for the fave on She-Hulk!

She-Hulk by elee0228
Timmy22222001 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017
Oh sure, no worries Elee!

Samberg Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017
Thanks for the fave!
Timmy22222001 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
No worries dude!

rexon01 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Timmy22222001 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
Its had a history Rexon.  Used to use it all the time when responding back to people in email saying "Catch you later," and as years went by I just shortened it down to just, "Later," 

So yeah, kinda weird (I know), but its my own thing. ^O^

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