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Giant Woman by Timmy22222001
Giant Woman
Dedicating this scrappy work of art to one my favorite shows, Steven Universe!  And extra bonus dedication also going out to one of my favorite songs following the link you see below!…

Oh man, what a rush and a half this whole pic turned out to be.  Opal as you see here is the combined fusion of two of the gem characters (Pearl and Amethyst) from the Giant Woman episode of Steven Universe.  I had already tried and failed a few times before with her four armed anatomy and then......THEN greatness thrust itself forward in the idea of the keyhole turtleneck! *gasps*

This was all thanks to my dear friend :icondamianvertigo: who brought to light this crazy idea and once more I have to really thank him for all the work thus far on SAI and how well its all coming along.  With this help I was able to figure out my own way to better generate the depth of hair and even some other fun tools mixing in using layers and so much more.  I have him to credit for this pic and even more to credit the greatness of the Steven Universe show for always being full of great characters with even greater heart behind them.


Opal/Giant Woman © Rebecca Sugar
Behemoth-San by Timmy22222001
It time to call in a Rule 34 action, I`m gonna do it!  And granted its not 100% Rule 34, but hey we're using the powerhouse of our mind, inspiration and insanity all at once!  COULDN'T FAIL!

So if you might be wondering who the hell this is, you'll be surprised to know its the Behemoth Tower from the 11Bit Studios game called Anaomly 2.  Basically Anomaly 2 is like your Tower Defense genre done with a clever spin and sadly there's no towers like her in the game, the cruel shame! *faints*

After playing the game for a while it was perhaps destiny (not the game mind you) that called out to this artist with the brilliant revelation of.........."I'm gonna make one of those towers sexy." *slowly nods*

The whole idea is just about as random as you can expect.  I took alot of time referencing the alien design, the symbols upon her body and even the tentacles and small markings right out the game and onto the paper.  The background on an additional note is based off one of the final missions from the game where you gotta drop some explosives down into one of the generators which spits out a ton of flames out of the ground, wahoo!

One final tidbit is that Lieutenant Lynx is your main hero you play as in the game and yes the towers also tend to glow red.  So many things you learned today, right? o0o

:icondamianvertigo: - The pixels lad, they hurt! o_0


Anomaly 2 © 11Bit Studios
Sai Difference by Timmy22222001
Sai Difference


And what, it’s just a teaser?!!  Jeez, what kind of sick, rotten crustacean would ever do such a mean thing to you nice deviants of DeviantArt? ^O^

You lot ought to know where to look by now, just Sai-in'.  Aw yeah, totally nailed that pun. *throws self onto the floor and explodes*


Gogo Tomago/Big Hero 6 © Disney

Great And Powerful Bikini by Timmy22222001
Great And Powerful Bikini

You know those days when you really start to miss the warm and sunnier temperature of Summer, yeah neither does Trixie, the Great AND Powerful wizard.

Wonderfully enough this was a rather near scrapped…well….scrap piece of something that was about to be thrown out one day.  It goes to show that some pictures can be saved even when their dangling above your garbage can.  I don’t know how you digital artist have magical trash cans in your computers but dammit let’s keep this real! *drawing cartoon ponies intensifies*


Trixie © Hasbro/Lauren Faust 

30 Minutes Or Less - Bump With Molly by Timmy22222001
30 Minutes Or Less - Bump With Molly

For anyone who can pick up who this is from a certain show about things that go bump in the night, a tip of the hat to you.

This was one of my most favorite shows when I was little.  The amazing clay animation, the fun music, memorable characters and best of all Mr. Bumpy and Molly Coddle (plus Squishy too, lol).

Like Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, I really enjoyed how much I could follow along with this character through their ups and down.  Molly was very unique as she was meant as a cuddle doll but she was made of spare parts and never felt like she was perfect.  But where she shined most for me was how positive and caring she was despite her looks.  And even in some episodes where she could chosen to be made into a prettier doll, she turned it down and learn to accept herself for what she was.

I’m not sure if that’s the real story about her but that was enough for me to see with this tattered rag doll who always showed great heart/strength in everything she did.  Hats off to any character that can be as memorable as she was. *nods*


Molly Coddle © Nickelodeon


Alright, so to be a bit blunt right now, I'm not doing all that well.  For this past Summer and right up to now I've been dealing with a lot mixed stress, depression and a few other negative emotions.  For the most part alot of these problems have to do with my job and as well as my Laptop that's been on the fritz with constant/random rebooting.  There are a few other small details but I won't get into them just to keep the focus of this journal going along. 

Despite how all of these turmoil’s have affected me mentally, I'm at least thankful for the good times I've had this year and the other little things that have kept me going.  Unfortunately due to the limited free time I've been faced with recently and the declining condition of my laptop, I might not be all that present to my usual generating of comments or artwork.

I'm hoping that things will try and improve over the next couple of weeks and if I somehow manage to get onto the DA I'm going to apologize beforehand if I'm not acting like my usual self.  So for the time being, let’s just say I've gotten a bad hand and I'm simply waiting for that hand to get "reshuffled."

Take care everyone and all the best to you this Fall. *tips hat*

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Keep Calm And Comment On
A little junk artist trying to learn the ways of the digital media (and just drawing decently in general). An obvious fan of drawing the ladies but rest assure you'll find quite the variety of females to see here.

Love to support/cheering on deviants for their hard work and I think everyone out there deserves the applause (not just the famous ones you know, lol).

Been at the digital media for a few years now and trying my best to learn the ropes like everyone else has. Friendly, kind and a maybe a few other things but don't ever hesitate to say hello, appreciate you coming by here!


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Personal Quote: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

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